The International Intensive Infectious Diseases Course (I3DC) is a complete international undergraduate Infectious Diseases course. It is built on teachers’ mobility and provided in English every year in each European university by a team of medical educators from all European Universities involved in the project. It is delivered to groups of 20-30 volunteer undergraduate medical students. Partner institutions officially recognize the course as substitutive of/or additive to the regular curriculum.


Who can participate?

Students from each European partner universities (Paris Descartes University, Sacred Heart University in Rome, University of Edinburgh and University of Antwerp) can participate in the I3DC session organised in their own university.
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Upcoming sessions in 2018

  • Rome (12-16 February 2018)
  • Paris (18-23 March 2018)
  • Edinburgh (28 May - 01 June 2018)
  • Antwerp (autumn 2018)

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Past sessions


  • Rome
  • Paris
  • Edinburgh
  • Antwerp